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Thursday, 2 October 2008

GTbyCitroën, the car that came out of a video game

Gran Turismo has always been praised by car fans. That't because it allows anyone to drive dream cars in a virtual environment. But what if the opposite was possible? What if you could drive a car that was only seen in a TV set? Well, that happened when Citroën decided to bring GTbyCitroën to life, a concept car that has first appeared on Gran Turismo 5 and was designed with the help of Polyphony Digital Inc., the company that has created the game.

GTbyCitroën is 4.96 m long, 2.08 m wide and only 1.09 m tall and it uses fuel cells on Gran Turismo 5 to feed its powerful electric engine and helps it face hot cars like Nissan GT-R with no emissions but water. In real life, no word has been said about the car engine (or even if it has one or if it is just a 1:1 model), but we hope it to have a heart, even if it is an old-fashioned combustion engine. We like it as well!

Source: Citroën

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