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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Another piece of the new Lamborghini hits the WWW

Lamborghini is showing its future car by pieces. Although they may not seem enough to figure the car out, they have already shown us the new vehicle will not be an ordinary supercar (if we may ever call a supercar ordinary at all). The sometimes called Urus, sometimes Estoque has a long hood, what makes us think it will have a front-mounted engine, instead of the more common central engines used in supercars. If it is not in the centre of the car, this must be due to seats, or else, the car will have more room and possibly four doors. These drawings, which leaked yesterday, may be official ones. If they really are, they only give us early ideas for the car.

Just check out the latest piece of this puzzle to see how the front end of the car has nothing to do with the drawing images.

There are other differences, such as the position of the exhaust pipes, central, in the final version, and in each side of the car, in the sketches. The fact is we will not need to way much more. This piece of the puzzle is the last before the official unveiling of the car, which will happen tomorrow. Let's see which is the big surprise Lamborghini reserves for us all.

Source: via World Car Fans and Lamborghini

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