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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Nissan will present a new city car in Paris, Pixo, built in India and aimed at Europe

Some cars produced in emerging countries will start soon to flood Europe. Besides VW Fox, produced in Brazil, soon a little car from India will also go to the Old World. And we do not mean Tata Nano, which is facing huge problems to have its production started. The city car we are talking about is the one below, called Nissan Pixo.

Built in a partnership with Suzuki, what means it must use a Suzuki engine and platform, possibly the same ones adopted for the new Suzuki Alto, Pixo is 3.57 m long, 1.47 m high and 1.60 m wide, or else, small enough not to have a problem with its small three cylindre 1-litre engine. Pixo can carry four people and will be exported to Europe in 2009. Besides the traditional five-speed manual gearbox, the small Nissan will also have a four-speed automatic transmition.

Pixo is just one of the attractions from Nissan to Paris Motor Show. Another one will be the Nuvu concept, still with no images available, and the renewed Note.

Source: Nissan via AutoBlog

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