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Sunday, 31 August 2008

What DMC could have given the world if it was still on business

John DeLorean died in 2005. Before his death, he tried to put his company, DeLorean Motor Company, or DMC, back into business after it went bankrupt. This was due, among other things, to the fact that he was accused of drug dealing and nothing was ever proved against him. For the ones that do not know DeLorean, he is the man that created Pontiac GTO and DMC 12, also known as the time machine from the movie "Back To The Future". Look below what else this man could have offered us:

This car would have been a supercar, with a 13-litre V12 engine that, nowadays, would probably be able to challenge Bugatti Veyron, SSC Ultimate Aero and others alike, with charming gull-wing doors. Besides this wonder, DeLorean was also interested in offering another affordable sports car. It would weight something below 800 kg, would be powered by a 265 bhp and would cost US$ 30,000 or less. A meeting with investors interested in bringing DMC back was scheduled to happen in New York in September 11 2001. This is one more loss to be credited to this tragic day. Unfortunately, not the worst of them.

Source: Flickr

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