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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Bizzarrini P538, the new Italian supercar, is about to be introduced

Many supercars are announced every year, but only a few manage to make it into production. We are glad to say that one of the most promising ones, the new Bizzarrini P538, is on its way to be introduced in Novembre at Nardo, one of the most famous high speed tracks of the world. Exactly as Scuderia Bizzarrini has planned to do.

The new car bears a mythical name, but this is not the only special thing about it. This Italian wonder is 4.46 m long, 1.95 m wide and 1,16 m tall. Entirely made of carbon fibre, the P538 weights less than 800 kg. It would be enough to make its stock engine, Corvette's LS7 V8 with a higher output, 500 bhp, shine like gold, but the same engine can be improved to 1,000 bhp with a Lingerfelter Twin Turbo kit. Its gearbox will be made by CIMA, its brakes, by Alcon, Penske will take care of the shock absorbers and Recaro seats will hold the driver and the passenger. Everything else will be developed solely for the P538, which will have only 100 units produced.

Source: Serious Wheels via AutoBlog

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