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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Check a possible Fiat-Chrysler sedan created by Jorge L. Fernández

After we have presented you to a possibility of the future Fiat-Chrysler compact sedan created by Rodrigo Bruno, some other designers also came up with ideas, but none has been so interesting so far as Jorge L. Fernández's, from Area 75. He has even come up with a name suggestion: Chrysler Shadow. Would that be a shadow of Bravo or Alfa Romeo Milano, cars that already use the FAT C-Evo platform? We hope not.

In fact, Fiat has to improve the quality of its products a great deal in order to attract North-American customers. This is what some satisfaction indexes point out in Europe. And the Italian carmaker is already aware of that, if its experience with Alfa Romeo in the USA in the 1990's has taugh the company anything. For the sake of Chrysler and Fiat, that's highly advisable.

Source: Area 75


The FIAT Guy said...

FIAT cars are, in fact, excellent. I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe, and know, have owned, and rented FIAT and Alfa Romeo cars. The technology and quality is very good, the style is fantastic, and If you thought having more small cars in America will be a boring hell, then you’ve never driven a FIAT.
Forget what your college roomate told you in 1974, most of the problems arose from US safety and emissions regs, dealer issues in the US, and Russian steel which the company unfortunately obtained in a deal for a factory there. I myself had a 1978 FIAT 131 sedan that was the most enjoyable economy car you could imagine… still on the road 30 years later, too.

Any portrayal of FIAT as a producer of antiquidated junk is just nonsense from the uninformed… and they make midsized cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles too- not just little 500s.

IMO, they are going to surprise a whole lot of people.

Gustavo Henrique Ruffo said...

Fiat Guy, quality matters are not something I am pointing out. JD Power is, check it out:

I did not have a college room mate in 1974. In fact, I was not even born. I do not speak about things I do not have an evidence about and, unfortunately, Fiat ranked really bad in the UK in 2008. I am not a supporter of big cars. I live in Brazil and we have small cars, around here. They're much more rational. By the way, Fiat is really strong in this market and I have also owned and driven lots of Fiat vehicles. For my experience, quality must improve.

Anyway, I honestly hope the company manages to turn things around. Fiat and Chrysler deserve to keep alive. I just hope they manage to do so.

All the best,