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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

SPY PHOTOS! - Citroën already tests the C3 Picasso in South America disguised as C3

When Gustavo Rodrigues Carvalho sent us these pictures, he was in doubt about what this car would be. "If we pay careful attention, it is easy to see the tracks are bigger! Can it be the next C3 in tests?", he has asked us. The rear and front tracks of the car are really bigger, hence the extensions on the fenders. The explanation for that is simple: these cars (more than one in the pictures) are not C3 units, but C3-mules used to hide the real car, the new C3 Picasso minivan. It was expected to be presented in Brazil in 2009, but, since it is still riding with the help of mules, development must take a little more to be completed. South American readers show wait for the car by 2010.

The new minivan uses the same platform used by 207 (the real one, sold in Europe) and is 4.08 m long, 1.73 m wide and 1.62 m tall, with a luggage compartment of 500 l. In Brazil, it should be equipped with 1.4-litre engines, pumping out 80/80 bhp (petrol/ethanol), and 1.6-litre units, able to generate 110/113 bhp (petrol/ethanol).

The small minivan will be the first vehicle of the new small range from Citroën. After it we can expect to see a hatchback based on the concept car DS Inside, a small sedan and a crossover based on C3 Picasso.

If you manage to find and photograph a new car running around, disguised or not, and want to share you finding with us, do not hesitate to contact us andsend us your pictures. Please do not forget to authorise us to publish them. We will be glad to share them with our other readers, as we have done with Carvalho's picture!

Source: Gustavo Rodrigues Carvalho via MotorDicas

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