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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Will Chrysler's compact sedan look like this? Will there be a Bravo Sedan?

News are that Chrysler is so confident in a partnership with Fiat it has even presented future common products with the Italian automaker to its dealers. One of these new vehicles would be a sport sedan. Compact, for North American customers, mid-sized, for the rest of the world, it would be built over the FAT C-Evo platform, the same one used by Fiat Bravo, Lancia Delta and the future Alfa Romeo 159, Milano and Giulia. That made us wonder what would this car look like and the designer Rodrigo Bruno gave us a hand in figuring it out. In fact, he gave us a rendered speculation that may turn into a real product. Both for Chrysler and for Fiat.

The Italian automaker was confident Fiat Linea would be accepted by many markets as a contender against Honda Civic and other sedans, but the fact it Linea is widely seen as the (gorgeous) sedan version for Grande Punto. Therefore, people expected it to be cheaper. A Bravo Sedan, specially in developing countries, would solve the matter right away.

Meanwhile, let's see if Fiat and Chrysler really can reach an agreement. If they do, Bruno's suggestion may be in the dealers in a few years from now.

Source: Rodrigo Bruno

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