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Sunday, 5 April 2009

OFFICIAL? - Aston Martin Rapide images may have leaked. Or not

Pay attention to these images. They seem to be pictures of the forthcoming Aston Martin Rapide, right? Well, take a closer look. They may also be a very well done piece of Photoshop art. One way or the other, the fact is these images picture in a nice way what we can expect from the next four-door coupé of the market.

Besides the characteristic elegance of lines (that will hopefully spread to that ugly Lagonda concept before it reaches production), the car will also use the V12 that powers the DB9. In fact, it will have a lot to do with DB9, including its platform. On Rapide, as the name suggests, the engine will be tweaked to produce 480 bhp instead of the 450 bhp DB9 counts on. Porsche Panamera and the future Audi A7 will have to offer something more to attract customers.

Source: CarScoop

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