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Thursday, 9 April 2009

LEAKED! - Opel Zafira also makes its first appearance on the internet

Opel Zafira uses the same platform applied to Astra with minor changes. This must be why the minivan decided to start appearing as much as the hatchback and here we have the first sketch of the new generation of the people mover.

Considering the platform is the same, we can expect for the same engines, or else, petrol engines from 75 bhp to 240 bhp (for the OPC version) and diesel units from 90 bhp up to 150 bhp. The new Zafira may only show up in 2011, if Opel manages to survive until there. We hope Astra and Insignia help it live much more. With such good-looking products, that's what the company deserves.

Source: World Car Fans

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