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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tata defies the odds with Nano Europa

When the Europeans have seen Tata Nano for the first time, at last year's edition of Geneva Motor Show, most of them doubted the little car, said to be the cheapest of the world, would be able to meet legal demands regarding emissions and safety and, therefore, would ever be sold in the Old World. Certainly with that in mind Tata has decided to prove that it is indeed able to sell the cheapest car of the world in Europe, even if for that it is not that cheap anymore.

The European version of Nano will be 3.29 m long and 1.58 m wide, with a wheelbase of 2.28 m. In other words, it will be bigger than the model sold in India, what must be accounted for larger shock absorbing portions of the car's body. Trim is said to be some levels up.

The three-cylindre petrol engine will have a multipoint fuel injection and will be mated to a five speed automatic transmission, possibly not really an automatic gearbox, but an automated one. Carbon emissions are expected to be below 100 g/km. Equipments such as ABS, ESP and airbags will be standard, but only because European laws say so. The series production version is expected for 2011.

Source: Tata e Salão de Genebra

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