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Friday, 13 March 2009

Lamborghini presents the new Murciélago LP 650-4 Roadster

Lamborghini has recently surprised the world with the Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce , the most powerful Lambo ever created, but it seems the Italian automaker has decided to breathe a little fresh air. In a fast way, as usual. This is why it has created the Murciélago LP 650-4 Roadster.

The new car will be produced in a limited series of 50 units. Powered by a 6.5-litre V12 engine with 650 bhp and 660 Nm, the car is able to reach 330 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 s. The 650-4 Roadster will be offered in only one colour, Grigio Telesto, a special grey tone.

Source: Lamborghini

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