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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Aston Martin plans to revive the Lagonda brand with an ugly SUV, the Lagonda Concept

When Aston Martin announced it would bring the name Lagonda back to the market, many expected it would offer a luxurious and gorgeous sedan to its customers. As gorgeous or even better than the One-77. This is the problem with high expectations. When they are frustrated, the frustration tends to be as high or higher. Aston has presented its idea for a Lagonda revival. It will be an SUV, represented by the Lagonda Concept. And it will be ugly, as you can see below.

Some say that the car is personally much better looking, but we doubt it. According to Aston Martin, this vehicle is intended to be sold in more countries than the sportscars the British company produces. It will be aimed at emerging countries.

The prototype uses a V12, possibly the same used by DBS, and is an all-wheel drive vehicle. Aston intends to offer it in diesel and hybrid versions, including one that can be powered by renewable fuels, such as ethanol. Let's just hope it gets better looking before it is released, something that should not happen before 2012. At least they have time to work on it.

Source: Aston Martin

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