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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Renault presents the new Symbol sedan in Brazil

When Clio Sedan was introduced in Brazil, what was offered to Brazilian customers was a hatchback with an attached luggage compartment in the best way found by Renault with that car. It may have been a satisfactory engineering result, but not even close to that in terms of beauty, even though its owners may like it very much (and they should, even to justify their choice). Now, when the evolution of this car is released in the South American market, we cannot say it is ugly anymore, although many Clio Sedan remains are still found in it. This is what Symbol is all about.

In Brazil, even the entry-level version, called Expression, comes with air conditioning, steering wheel and driver's seat with height adjustment, power windows, power steering, alarm and front airbags. This may sound basic, but Brazilian cars are even more basic than that.

As for the top version of Symbol, called Privilège, the air conditioning has digital commands. It also brings a CD player able to read MP3 and WAV files, 15-inch alloy wheels, power mirrors and a trip computer as standard equipments. ABS only comes as an option.

Symbol is 4.26 m long, 1.44 m tall, 1.67 m wide and has a wheelbase of 2.47 m. It does not share Clio Sedan's platform, but many of its worst features, such as the lack of leg and head room in the back seats and the spare tyre, which is located in the same position it would be on the hatchback, or else, well inside the luggage compartment.

Source: Renault

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