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Saturday, 27 December 2008

REVAi will start selling its cars in Brazil in January

In Septembre 2008, CAM Br, a company connected to the Spanish group Endesa, officially announced it would be the representative in South America for REVA products. REVA, for the ones that do not know it, is an Indian company dedicated exclusively to electric cars. What was not very clear was who would sell the cars, nor in which city, a mistery that has been solved today. REVA car, known as REVAi, will be sold by ElecTrip in Sao Paulo, Brazil's biggest city and one of the most problematic in what relates to traffic and gas emissions.

"I have the intention of opening a dealership in Sao Paulo, but it will largely depend on demand, as well as some government incentives in what relates to taxes. They are still very high in Brazil, even for electric vehicles", said Victor Levy, from ElecTrip, to MotorTips.

Levy has bought two vehicles from CAM Br, both Standard. One of them is silver and the other one is blue. They will be the first electric cars sold in Brazil, by January, the estimated month for their arrival. They will cost R$ 56.385 each, or about US$ 23,900. For the Deluxe versions, which come with air conditioning and MP3 sound system, prices will be at R$ 75.075, or approximately US$ 31,800.

According to ElecTrip's website,, clients willing to take their REVAi units to their homes will have to make a 25% deposit as soon as they formally state they want the car. The rest of the price must be paid when the car arrives in Brazil. Cars take about five months to arrive in Brazil, counting from the request.

REVAi is a 2.64 m long, 1.32 m wide, 1.51 m tall hatchback with a wheelbase of 1.71 m. Although it weights 665 kg, it is said to accelerate very fast. It is also small, but is treated as a 2+2, or else, it carries two adults in its front seats and two children at the back, just like it can be seen on the photo below, unfortunately too small:

Recharge time takes from 2 hours to 8 hours in a regular outlet. With special rechargers, it is possible to recover 50% of the batteries charge in ten minutes. With that, it is possible to run about 40 km. Full charge allows REVAi to run 80 km. Top speed is 80 km/h. Both mileage and speed are compatible to big cities traffic, but they are not the most adequate to hit the roads.

If REVA cars are successful in Brazil, the next generation of the vehicles will possibly also be sold in South America. Presented as a concept car, it uses lithium ion batteries, cleaner and more effient than REVAi's current batteries, made of lead.

There are still many questions to answer. As soon as we have all responses we'll get back to you. Stay tuned!

Source: ElecTrip

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