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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

G-Power Hurricane RS becomes the world's fastest sedan with 367.4 km/h

When Brabus Rocket broke the world speed record for sedans, with 365.7 km/h, back in Novembre 2006, it was a matter of time until some other supersedan challenged it in order to claim the title of "world's fastest sedan". That oponent could be no different than a BMW M5, heavily modified by G-Power. This is how Hurricane RS was born, and how it has reached 367.4 km/h in Papenburg race track.

The 507 bhp V10 has received a G-Power Evo II kit, which consists of two highly efficient superchargers, one for each bank of cylindres, in order to reach 750 bhp. The engine still likes to go up to revs as high as 8,200 rpm. Other changes have also been performed, especially in what relates to brakes and suspension, to keep the car safe at these top speeds.

In Europe, it is possible to buy a G-Power Hurricane for 240,000 euros. Considering the price of other supercars, this one is a real bargain.

Source: G-Power

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