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Monday, 17 November 2008

Opel Insignia is elected European Car Of The Year 2009

It takes a lot of qualities for a car to win a prize such as Car Of The Year. In its 2009 edition, for example, which one of these would you have chosen? Ford Fiesta, VW Golf VI, Opel Insignia, Skoda Superb, Renault Mégane III, Alfa Romeo Mi.To or Citroën C5? If you have picked Opel Insignia, you would have guessed right, even if only for one point.

One point was exactly what took the prize away from Ford Fiesta, the second in the row and considered by many one of the best Ford vehicles of the latest years. VW Golf, Citroën C5, Alfa Romeo Mi.To, Skoda Superb and Renault Mégane III followed the winner and the second place exactly in this sequence.

According to the judges, what made Opel Insignia, also badged as Vauxhall, become the first winner from Opel in 22 years was not only its great looks, but a group of good qualities, such as efficient engines, safety features, such as Opel Eye, which recognises traffic signs, and great value for money.

We are glad this is a good product, since GM is facing difficult times, especially in the USA. Maybe this is the car they should try to sell in the most important market of the world. Considering European luxury cars are a huge success there, a similar vehicle would have chances of success, especially for a much more affordable price.

Source: Car Of The Year

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