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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ford officially releases pictures and info on 2010 Mustang

As scheduled, Ford has released today a huge list of information and pictures on the 2010 Mustang. The car, a restyling of the previous model, will be officially unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show.

Equipments such as Ford SYNC, a voice-command for radio, Bluetooth, air conditioning and other systems of the car, 911 Assist and VHR (Vehicle Health Report) will now be part of the pony-car. Rear camera, for safer parking, and MyColor, a gadget that allows Mustang owners to change the colour of gauge lights, are also present.

Since the changes have been mostly aesthetical, there are no relevant differences on dimensions. Engines available will be a 4-litre V6, able to pump out 210 bhp, and a 4,6-litre V8 that generates 315 bhp. Transmissions are automatic and manual, all of them with five speeds. Let’s hope Mustang can ride Ford out of its crisis.

Source: Ford

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