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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ford Fiesta Sedan will be produced in China next year

Last year, Ford has presented the concept Verve Notchback at the Guangzhou Auto Show. This car was more than a concept: it was the preview of the new Fiesta Sedan, a vehicle that promises to be very popular in the USA and emerging countries, such as the biggest one of them: China. That’s why there is no surprise Ford has chosen to present the production-ready vehicle in Guangzhou again. The good news is that the car is quite similar to the concept.

Unfortunately there are no technical specs so far. We can only expect it to use the same engines used by the new Fiesta hatchback in Europe. The only confirmed news is that the body will also be made from tailored blanks, or else, steel blanks in variable thickness sections. Since we have mentioned the Old World, be aware, European readers: this car will not be sold for you. And this is because compact sedans have never been popular in your countries.

Besides China, where the car will start to be manufactured in the first quarter of 2009, expect the car to be produced in Thailand and Mexico. Brazil may also produce it, but there is nothing confirmed so far, only clues, such as the fact some parts of the car are being manufactured in the country, like rear mirrors and steering wheels, and the new Sigma engines, which will be made at the Taubate plant.

Source: Ford

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