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Monday, 15 September 2008

Porsche reveals a little piece of Panamera GT

Porsche has been testing its four-door coupé, Panamera, for a while. The car has even been seen almost with no camouflage, but it has never been seen uncovered. This image has been provided by Porsche itself, although not the way we wanted it to be. Only a piece of its front end appears, next to the other four vehicles Porsche produces, Cayman, Boxster, 911 and Cayenne.

Although many fans do not like the design Panamera has presented through its spy-photos, Porsche believes the four-door coupé will help it achieve 100,000 car produced per year. Panamera will present V6, V8 and hybrid powertrains. It will also feature all-wheel drive.

For the ones that want to have more images of the car, even if they are only prototypes, it is worth checking out the site Porsche has prepared for its new product:

Source: Porsche

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