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Friday, 19 September 2008

Lamborghini presents another piece of its new supercar puzzle

Three days after it presented and announced the first image of its new supercar, Lamborghini presents us another piece of the vehicle, more specifically the left front side of it. Besides the little Italian flag, necessary to make sure the German Audi has not taken the Italian soul from Lamborghini cars, the lines of the hood of the car are longer than they would be in regular supercars (if a supercar admits this word in any way). This may confirm the latest rumours about the car, or else, the assumption it would be a four-door vehicle.

We still believe this car can be the replacement for Murciélago, although the hood lines are really intriguing. We'll soon have more pieces for this puzzle, and we cannot say we do not like it!

Source: Lamborghini

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