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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Superior Glass Works gives 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Nomad 25 chances to live

In 1954, General Motors was in its best form and could choose what to see or not to customers. One of these products, presented at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, in New York, during the Motorama event, was the Corvette Nomad, a station wagon based on the North American automotive icon. It never reached production (not as it was presented, once there was a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad), but Brad and Donna Peterson, owners of Superior Glass Works, have decided to give this great looking car a chance to come to life. In fact, it will have 25 chances to do so as the Superior 54 Sport Wagon.

Only 25 of these beautiful cars will leave Superior Glass Works at a cost of US$ 125,000 each. But do not be mistaken: "Superior Glass Works does not produce complete ‘turn-key’ cars. They will be shipped without paint or interior", said Brad Peterson to MotorTips. Therefore, the cars will be sold as Complete Rolling Packages, what includes a fiberglass and balsa reinforced plastic body, a set of custom-crafted window glass and chrome trim, power windows, power door locks, air-conditioning, custom frame (designed and built with Art Morrison Enterprises), with Morrison’s front cross member, steering arms, sway bar, power rack and pinion steering and the Corvette C5 suspension.

The car has been prepared to accecpt any LS-Series Chevrolet V8, what includes the fantastic LS9 that powers the Corvette ZR1. " An engine is not provided with the base package, but can be provided as an added-cost option", states Peterson.

The car you see in the pictures is the Superior 54 Sport Wagon that will be presented at the 2009 MSRA's Back to the 50s, an event that will happen from June 19 to June 21, 2009 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The official public presentation of the car will be there. According to Peterson, the car "will be more finished than what you see in those pictures". If the car already looks gorgeous unfinished, we can imagine what it will become in its final form. And in the hands of those able to pay US$ 125,000.

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