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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

SCOOP! - Fiat Strada CD, the first small double cab pick-up truck of the world, is seen in Brasilia

Readers of MotorTips are once again ahead of others. Not only because they read this blog, but also because once in a while they have the chance to see cars that have not been released and take pictures of them for us. This is what happened to Rafael Ferreira, from Brasilia, Brazil, who has seen the new Fiat Strada CD pick-up, the first double cab small car-based pick-up truck of the world, in front of a hotel in his city. It is important to highlight that we mean small by Brazilian standards, or else, it is based on Fiat Palio, a car that is much smaller than Honda Civic, for example, which is considered as a compact car in the USA.

More than seeing, Ferreira has photographed the car and its interior (something nobody had seen so far) with his cell phone. Check how the interior of the car will be below.

"I was coming back from work when I saw two pick-up trucks and its passengers in front of a hotel in Brasilia, which is close to my office. After Fiat guys (I guess) went away, I tried to take pictures from the interior of the cars, once they have already been widely photographed with this camouflage", said Ferreira. The pictures of the interior, two of the four he has sent us, are here, in order for everyone to see how the car will be when it reaches Brazilian dealers, in July. Once Fiat always exports its Brazilian vehicles, expect to see the new Strada CD (for Cabine Dupla, double cab in Portuguese) in other South American markets and Mexico very soon.

As if he was not making us a big favour, Ferreira apologised. "Unfortunately the sun light was reflecting everywhere in the car and a net on the back windows made things a bit difficult, but it was possible to see 'in loco' that the back seats are only for two people. The roof seems to be a little low. I have seen two units of the new small pick-up truck, both of them equipped with a 1.8-litre engine and with Locker, a system that electronically blocks a wheel that has no grip in order to help the other one move the car." Strada CD was developed under the code X4, indicating it would only have four seats in order for the car not to compete with other Fiat products, such as Siena (a small sedan) and even Palio itself.

Besides the Adventure version, which is the one Ferreira has spotted, there will also be a more simple trim level for Strada CD, created for direct sales and big companies that need a vehicle for maintenace teams, for example. Engines, therefore, will be a 1.4-litre and a 1.8-litre engine. The 1.9-litre engine that powers Fiat Linea, meanwhile, will remain in this Punto-based sedan.

If you manage to find and photograph a new car running around, disguised or not, and want to share you finding with us, do not hesitate to contact us andsend us your pictures. Please do not forget to authorise us to publish them. We will be glad to share them with our other readers, as we have done with Ferreira's picture!

Source: Rafael Ferreira

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