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Monday, 29 June 2009

Aston Martin and Toyota join forces to offer luxury city car, the Cygnet

Sign of the times... Who would ever imagine to see a small car with the badge of Aston Martin? Well, that day is about to come, if we mean a functional car. If we don't, it is already possible to see how that functional car will look like with the picture below. Call it Cygnet.

The day we have referred to will be in September, when the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show opens its doors. Aston Martin plans to present the car as a "new luxury commuter concept".

If this car looks familiar, you have your reasons. Aston Martin admits it has asked for Toyota's help developing this car, since it is based on the new iQ. We would bet it to be based on the new iQ 1.33, which features a 1.33-litre engine able to produce 98 bhp and 125 Nm, if not something even stronger, in order to honour its new badge.

The aim of this daring proposal is clear: besides improving its product range, Aston Martin needs to lower its carbon dioxide emission levels. Nothing would be better to do so than a partnership with a company that is already concerned about that. The only thing that will remais high will be the price of the car, well above 20,000 euros. For a vehicle that is only 3 m long, affordability will still be out of Aston Martin's vocabulary. On purpose, of course.

Source: Aston Martin

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