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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tata Nano will be officially presented on March 23; sales will begin in April

The cheapest car of the world, Tata Nano, has faced many problems to reach the market. The biggest one was a dispute with farmers over its first factory terrains, which led Tata leave the Singur plant when it was about to start production and to take it to Gujarat. Although the new plant is not ready yet, Nano will be produced in Pune and Pantnagar. And its official presentation is already scheduled for March 23.

Nano will be on display at Tata dealerships in India by the first week of April, while bookings will start by the second week of the same month. The most important question, the price, will be clarified on March 23. Nano was not supposed to have a base price over 1 Lakh (about US$ 2,500). Let's see if Tata can keep up with that promise.

Source: Tata

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