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Thursday, 26 February 2009

I.DE.A Era Concept may hint future Abarth Roadster

Fiat and I.DE.A Institute have been partners for a long time. They have created cars that were hugely successful, such as Tipo. Now I.DE.A Institute intends to present a roadster concept car. Fiat has also recently announced it intends to create a new Abarth roadster. Could this be a sign the two companies are planning a new car together?

The Era Concept is not new, but Fiat's intention to have a high performance, low-weight sportscar with the Abarth label may point at the mass production of this concept. The car will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Let's wait for more news both on Abarth's roadster and on Era Concept. These two ideas may be just one, afterall.

Source: via AutoBlog

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