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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Mercedes-Benz presents the most aerodynamical production car of the world, the E Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz has finally released images of the new E Class Coupe, a car that will replace the Class CLK. We say "finally" because the same images have emerged a few weeks ago, what was though to anticipate the official presentation, but it apparently did not change Mercedes-Benz plans. The only mistery around the car was its name, which could have been kept as CLK or changed to E Class Coupe, as it has happened. There could be no mistery at all, but at least the car came with a surprise: its surprisingly low drag coeficient, of a mere 0.24, the lowest among production cars.

In the real world, low drag resistante helps the car move faster with less fuel consumption and less emissions.

Although it bears the name and the style of the new E Class, E Class Coupe continues to use the C Class platform. Engines, in the beginning, will be offered in five options, two diesel (250 CDI with 204 bhp/150 kW and 350 CDI with 231 bhp/170 kW) and three petrol units (250 CGI with 204 bhp/150 kW, 350 CGI with 292 bhp/215 kW and 500 with 388 bhp/285 kW), but the range is sure to be expanded. Expect, for example, an AMG version.

The new coupe will start to be sold in Europe this month.

Fonte: Mercedes-Benz

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