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Thursday, 19 February 2009

DiMora will create the most expensive car in history, Natalia SLS 2

Do you believe Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive car that will ever be? Not if DiMora Motorcar manages to put the Natalia SLS 2 into production. The supersedan, equipped with a V16 engine able to produce over 1,200 bhp, will have a US$ 2 million price tag. If it ever reaches the production lines. Meanwhile, all we have to present the car are these sketches.

Besides the huge engine, called Volcano, which promises to have such a different sort of construction it will not even need to use catalytic converters to meet emission standards, Natalia is also supposed to offer a bunch of different features to justify its price.

The latest offering would be an MP3 horn for the owner to choose what he wants to honk around. It is the sort of equipment that would be best suited to tuned cars other than a ultra luxury vehicle, but some really rich people may find it interesting... We don't.

Natalia will also be built with aerospacial technology and materials, what should make it weigh 680 kg less than any similar vehicle of its class. This will make it incredibly fast and fuel efficient.

All four wheels will drive the car, both pushing it forward and getting it in the right direction. In other words, all wheels will steer. Considering Natalia will be a huge car, it will help maneuvers the car in tiny spaces, such as parking lots.

The car will also be able to change its colour depending on the weather, what will bring the car problems in some countries where the colour of the car has to be written in the property certificate.

Other features are video projector on the headlights, nigh vision, Nasa foam seats, thermally controlled cupholders, front passenger seat with handicaped-assistance, biofeedback lighting systems and some other minor equipments.

What the car will really need is extraordinary mechanical qualities, high quality construction and materials and a beautiful appearance. All this in order to beat the fact that DiMora is not a known company and has never produced anything. We wish them the best of luck. They will need it.

Source: DiMora MotorCar

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