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Saturday, 17 January 2009

VW Fox will receive a restyling in 2009: check out how it should look

The designer Jorge Luiz Fernández has not stopped on the Viva Project, the car that is expected to succeed Corsa in South American countries. Aware of the restyling VW Fox will suffer in 2009, after five years in many markets, including Europe, he has searched for inspiration on up! to reach these ideas for the new car:

Curiously, the up! concept is expected to replace VW Fox in Europe with the name Lupo. Changes for the VW Fox, therefore, should be minimal. They would include only new headlights, hood, fenders and front bumper. At the back, new taillights, with round elements, should replace the current ones. These changes aim to keep Fox up to date with VW' new visual identity, presented for the first time by Scirocco and recently followed by Golf VI.

We do not think the new Fox will not have a front grille, as in the renderings, but the headlights look very feasible. Let's wait for the new car to see how close Fernández got.

Source: Area75 Car Design

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