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Saturday, 17 January 2009

If Ford EcoSport gets a new generation, would it look like this?

Ford plans to produce the new Ford Fiesta in Brazil to distribute it to other South American markets. Over this car's platform there should be made a new small SUV to replace the current EcoSport. How would this new vehicle look like? Jorge Luiz Fernández bets on this new appearance:

Since this car looks very much like the new Fiesta, we don't think it would be something Ford would try to do. The new EcoSport should indeed have more rounded lines, but it will also be very different from Fiesta in order to maintain its own identity.

The new small SUV should be on the market by 2011, althoug the renderings give the idea it can arrive next year. It sounds a very short deadline for the new car to appear.

Source: Area75 Car Design

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