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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Opel will reveal in Geneva its version of Volt, the Ampera

Just as expected, Chevrolet Volt would not be a breakthrough just for Chevrolet. The Voltec technology that power this extended-range electric car will also be on other products. The first one beside Volt to present it was the Cadillac Converj, but this gorgeous coupe is still not confirmed for production. Opel, on the other hand, intends to sell its version of Volt in Europe. And it will be called Ampera in the Old World, as we will be able to see at Geneva Motor Show this year. Meanwhile, we can only get a glimpse of the new car, which is just below.

Apparently, Ampera presents the same shape of Volt. This is why the car also presents the same technical specifications. It can run 60 km only its lithium-ion batteries charge and a lot more due to a small combustion engine that works as a generator inside the car.

Opel states more information will be available in March, when the Swiss autoshow opens its gates, but, since this car is exactly like Volt, all we want to know is when it will start to be sold. And for how much.

Source: Opel

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