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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Extreme Bentley will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show

There is not much you can ask from a Bentley and it does not offer. Low price is certainly one of them, but the other things was getting increasingly difficult not to accomplish: low carbon emissions. The British company has managed to get there in a way that will please most of its fans: creating the most powerful car ever to wear a Bentley badge.

The Extreme Bentley, as the company has called it so far (even creating the website for it, with a great video), will not run only on ethanol, as some reports may lead you to think. It will be a flexible fuel vehicle, or else, it will run on any proportion of gasoline and E85. E85 uses 85% of ethanol and 15% of petrol in order for the car to start in a smooth way. In cold days, ethanol-powered cars tend not to start easily. In Brazil, where flexible fuel cars use 100% ethanol, there is a small fuel tank containing petrol to help cold morning starts.

Based on Bentley Continental GT, the car is only said to be the fastest Bentley ever, but there is no technical specs so far to support this claim. Another information to confirm only in March, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Bentley

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