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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Ronn Motor Company presents Scorpion at SEMA Show

Production will only commence at the beginning of next year, but Ronn Motor Company could not spare the chance to present its new Scorpion in a better stage than Las Vegas, more precisely at SEMA Show. And what makes this car so special is the fact that it will be able to reach speeds of up to 320 km/h in its twin turbo version, HX, with a fuel consumption as low as 17 km/l on the road. In a cleaner way. The answer for this car's miracle is elementary: hydrogen.

Ronn Scorpion is not powered by hydrogen, at least not solely by it. It uses petrol as its main fuel and the company has recently informed the press it will develop a flexible version of the engine, able to use ethanol as well. When these developments have come to an end, Scorpion will be able to run both on petrol or ethanol mixed with hydrogen (up to 50% of this gas). This is why the car can be so powerful and, at the same time, clean.

Hydrogen will not be stored at Scorpion, but rather produced in it. The system, called H2GO, has been created by Hydrorunner and converts water into the gas through electrolysis. Water is stored in Scorpion by a tank with 11,3 l, enough to run for at least 1,600 km with no need of "rewatering".

Surprisingly, its engine is a an Acura V6 3.5-litre engine, the same one used by TL TypeS. In is regular version, it will generate 293 bhp. The car, built with carbon fibre and a lightweight chassi structure, made of chrome-molybdenum, weighs only 950 kg. This version will cost US$ 150,000. The stronger one, HX, will feature twin-turbos (one for each three cylindres) and reach 456 bhp. This baby will cost US$ 100,000 more, or US$ 250,000.

Production in the first year will be of only 200 units. Scorpion reservations, once said to cost US$ 50,000, are at a reasonable US$ 1,000. If the car is well received at SEMA Show, we will have a new, clean and powerful North American supercar to admire.

Source: Ronn Motor Company

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