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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dodge Challenger SRT10 is a Viper disguised in muscle car clothing

Muscle cars have always been strong vehicles with an affordable price, but there always were some there were stronger... and less affordable. Considering the recent generation of muscle cars, one of the most inaccessible surely is Dodge Challenger SRT10. Not only because of its Viper V10 8.4-litre engine, but also because it has been presented as a concept car at SEMA Show. The event will last until November 7 in Las Vegas, USA.

Although it is not unlikely Chrysler may give the car a go in production lines, current economy matters may help the company hold all 608 "horses", or bhp, of the V10 engine, but it would be really nice to know they have reached the streets, even if in a small number of Challenger cars. Torque is as massive as power: 633 Nm at 5,100 rpm.

And why would someone want a Challenger when a Viper is also for sale? That's easy to asnswer. Unless you race every single day to work (or work as a racer), a Viper may not be the right choice, especially if you have to face speed-reducing street obstacles, such as bumps. Going to the supermarket is also you would not do with a Viper. A Challenger SRT10 would be an every-day means to hear that V10 roar when you want, but also to take your kids to school.

Engine is not the only change the donor Challenger SRT8 has faced. It has also had an upgrade on suspensions, with stiffer spring rates at the five-link independent arms at the rear and the multi-link short and long arms in the front suspension. All shock absorbers are from Bilstein.

Brake calipers from Brembo, with six pistons in front (to stop 275/35 R20 tyres) and four in the rear (here, tyres are 275/40 R20), are responsible for holding 390 mm vented rotors in front and 355 mm vented rotors in the back. All the engine power is sent to the rear wheels by a Tremec TR-6060 six-speed manual transmission. Gear ratios are the same ones used for Dodge Viper.

Since some of the ideas presented at SEMA manage to find a way into the real world, this car is one we hope to have the same fate, even if Chrysler decides to sell Viper as a separate brand or if GM buys Chrysler. This would be the classic muscle car for the future, if not a classic right away.

Source: Chrysler

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