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Thursday, 13 November 2008

BRABUSTesla becomes the first tuned electric sportscar of the world

BRABUS is famous for creating some of the meanest cars on Earth, such as Rocket, based on an E Class, and Bullit, made out of a C Class. Besides Mercedes-Benz cars, the company has now shown it is aware that electric cars will probably be the future of personal transportation. And there is no better way to demonstrate this than with a tuned Tesla Roadster.

The sad part about this early tuning project it that performance has not been improved, only looks (if you may say they are any better at all). Curiously, a lot of so-called improvements, such as the addition of Daylight Running Lights, will only account for a larger energy comsumption. Let's hope BRABUS starts thinking about autonomy of performance improvements that are for real, such as the use of supercapacitors or anything alike.

Source: BRABUS

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