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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

DoniRosset, the first Brazilian jewel on four wheels

MotorTips has been inactive for a while, but there would be no better way than this to make it work again. These are the first official pictures, made by the talented photographer Leo Sposito, of a supercar that will surely make Brazilian car fans proud. Meet the DoniRosset, a car that has been initially developed to be a gift from a son to his father, but have gradually become much more than this.

William Denis Rosset is an enterpreneur that wanted to pay a hommage to his father, Donino Rosset, also called Doni among friends. William decided to create a car and name it after his father, but it had to be something unique, extraordinary and very strong. Most people thought William was not serious until he met the designer Fernando Morita, owner of Amoritz GT. They decide to develop this car and started working on it in early 2008. They chose to use a 8.4 V10 from the Dodge Viper to power the car, only with some very Brazilian differences: it is powered by ethanol and has received the help of two turbocharger in order to reach 1.007 cv/ps. A six-speed sequential transmition from Mendeola will guide all power to the rear wheels in a car that is 4.7 meters long an 2 meters wide. The driver will have a central driving position, sided by two passengers, an arrangement that is similar to the one used by Gordon Murray on the McLaren F1.

LED lights will be used in the final car, which will have five exhaust pipes, as you can seen in the picture below.

All people involved in the project signed this prototype: Fernando Morita, Clóvis Augusto Souza, Alexandre Hirata, Lucas Rodrigues and Guilherme Venturi.

Since this car was meant to be a gift, the logo is Doni's signature, but it will be made of 24K gold and will be sided by two emerald stones, a composition on the two main Brazilian national flag colours (yellow and green). William Rosset has shown the car, while it was still in project phase, to some of his friends and some have asked him to sell them units of the car. They were given the news that each unit would cost at least US$ 1 million. It may have been an attempt to discourage sales, but the fact is that five of this people signed the checks just to have the chance to have a similar car. What was supposed to be just a gift became a business. Now, it just needs to have investors and suppliers to reach 50 units in total. Interested? Get in touch with these guys at their official website,

Source: DoniRosset

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