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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Toyota introduces Etios, its EFC, to Indians in Delhi

Emerging countries have already become a focus of attention from automakers, but it has never been so intense as it is today. Besides Honda and Nissan, which are planning to develop and sell respectively the New Small Concept and the new Micra specifically for these markets, Toyota has also made an effort in this direction. And the effort has been named Etios.

Expected to be sold in India and Brazil by 2011, the car has been shown today at Delhi Auto Show in sedan and hatchback bodies. The new sedan resembles Dacia/Renault Logan very much, not only in appearance, but also in its construction, which has been planned to be cheaper and easier than that of other vehicles. The most evident example of this is the dashboard, mounted in the centre of the car, what will allow Toyota to sell it in right-hand drive and left-hand drive countries with minimum changes.

Equipped with a 1.2-litre engine, the hatchback has a sportier interior, in black, as you can see below. It is a paradox, we know, but the car will certainly have other engine options. It will be necessary for Toyota to achieve the goal of 70,000 sales in its first year of production in India.

One of these engines will certainly be the 1.5-litre engine that is under the hood of the sedan. More familiar, this car bears a white interior. Not that the production vehicles will reproduce these details, but they give us a clear idea of the intentions of Toyota for both cars.


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