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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

VW reveals first pictures and details of Amarok, its first mid-size pick-up truck

Amarok is a funny name for anything, including a new mid-size pick-up truck, the first one from Volkswagen, but the vehicle itself is not, especially for its competitors. Let's start from what is most visible: the style of the new car, which will be built solely in Pacheco, Argentina. At least for the time being.

The first body option for Amarok will be a double cab. The single cab will also be available, but its presentation will only happen in the first half of 2010. Since sales will also begin by this time, it is quite likely both body options will be available from the start. But Amarok will offer much more than this in what relates to choices.

Engines will be the smallest turbodiesel units available in mid-size pick-up trucks. They will both be based on a 2-litre four-cylinder, but the entry-level one will generate 122 bhp and 340 Nm at 2,000 rpm. The strongest option will produce 163 bhp and amazing 400 Nm at as low as 1,500 rpm. Volkswagen still does not mention that, but it will surely offer a flex fuel option for the pick-up truck, a relevant choice in the Brazilian market, where ethanol plays an important role. This flex fuel engine will probably be offered for the cheapest versions of Amarok, or else, the single cab. Depending on demand, a double cab with this powerplant can also be offered.

There will be three trim levels. The basic one has no name and will not include many features. In fact, its bumpers will not be painted and it will be powerless. Not in what relates to the engine, but to windows, doors and rear mirrors. They will all bear manual adjustments. Wheels will be 16", made of steel. A hard working vehicle, not willing to search or offer any sort of luxury or comfort.

Trendline versions will be much more sophisticated. They will have power windows, power doors and power rear mirrors, bumpers will be painted in the same colour of the body and other equipments, such as air-conditioning, CD player, cruise control, 16" alloy wheels and fog lamps are standard.

The top version is called Highline. Besides the things Trendline offers, it also brings chromed rear mirror caps, fender skirt extensions to house the 17" alloy wheels, colour contrasting instrument panel and Climatronic air-conditioning system.

Volkswagen states all Amarok units will come with ABS, ASR and EDL (Electronic Differential Lock) available, but we do not thing the base versions will get these equipments, at least not in South American markets. It's always a matter of cost...

As for traction option, there will also be three: a rear wheel drive, a switchable all wheel drive, for the people that will really face difficult terrains, and the 4Motion AWD, aimed at on road performance.

Source: VW

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