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Sunday, 16 August 2009

LEAKED! - Bentley Mulsanne is revealed ahead of official launch

The name of the car Bentley has been calling Grand Bentley lately, while it releases lots of teaser of the vehicle, was expected to be revealed today at Pebble Beach. Anyway, German Car Scene has already obtained the first official images of the car and was quick to start spreading the news. The new car will not be called Arnage, as the previous flagship of Bentley. Its new name os Mulsanne.

Mulsanne is a name that has already been used by Bentley to refer to a big sedan. It was used in a model built from 1980 to 1992. It had a 6.75 litre turbo V8 engine and the new version, apparently, will use the same configuration, only more powerful and lighter, due to the twin turbochargers.

The official presentation will happen today in Pebble Beach. We will wait for it to bring you more detailed technical information. Meanwhile, check the pictures of Bentley's new flagship.

Source: German Car Scene via

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