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Monday, 6 July 2009

SCOOP! - Peugeot 308 Sedan makes its first appearance in China

Although Europe already counts on Peugeot 308 for the past two years, the Old World is still about to see news of this car family, even though some of them may not reach their shores. And it is a pity, once the forthcoming 308 Sedan seems to be one of the most beautiful hatchback-based sedans the French company has ever managed to produce. Take a look at it below and thank the guys from, in China, for it.

Although it is based on 308, the new sedan takes inspiration from Peugeot 407. With a wheelbase of 2.61 m, the new saloon is sure to have a huge luggage compartment, considering the hatchback can carry up to 430 l.

Engines must be the same used by 308 in China, where it will be presented for the first time. In the beginning of next year it will also be produced in El Palomar, in Argentina, from where it will be exported to other markets, such as the entire Latin America, as well as some East European countries. Peugeot may even consider selling it in more traditional markets if its looks really are as promising as the disguised cars seem to anticipate. In Argentina, the car will be built with petrol and flexible fuel 1.6-litre and 2-litre engines.


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