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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Amoritz GT plans to create the true Brazilian sports car

Have a good look at the picture below and answer: it looks familiar, doesn't it? The new Amoritz GT LSPS is clearly inspired on VW SP2, a 1970's sports car created by Volkswagen for the Brazilian market. The main difference, besides the more modern looks, is the fact that SP2 used a VW Beetle chassis, while the LSPS will be a rear wheel drive car with a front engine.

Amoritz GT LSPS is a 4.25 m long, 1.90 m wide and 1.20 m high sports car with a wheelbase of 2.50 m. Its custom chassis holds a 500 bhp 5.3-litre V8 that is able to run with ethanol or natural gas.

We still have not managed to contact the designer Fernando Morita, the father of LSPS, but we will soon bring more information about it. Including the possibility of having the car in the streets as a regular production car (even if handcrafted).

Source: Amoritz GT via CarScoop

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