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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Swedish designer recreates a classic as the Vox Volvo P1800

The series of nostalgic cars will not be over with the end of Chrysler PT Cruiser, but we are not talking about VW Beetle's next generation. What we mean is beyond that, in much more interesting ways. We are talking about the new Vöx Volvo P1800, the new creation from the Swedish designer Mattias Vöcks.

This gorgeous coupe used to be known as the machine Roger Moore drove at the TV series "The Saint", but it is even better than that mechanical piece of fiction. Vöx Volvo P1800 will, for example, count on 550 bhp to 600 bhp, all served by the 4.4-litre V8 already used by S80 and XC90 helped by a supercharger.

While we still only have these Photoshop pieces of work, a real car is being developed and it is possible a small limited production of it will take place. We really hope these rumours turn out to be only an anticipation of the future reality. This is a good explanation for anxiety.

Source: Auto Motor & Sport via World Car Fans

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