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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Fisker will present the convertible version of Karma in Detroit

Detroit Auto Show was supposed to have only one big star among its presentations, the production version of Fisker Karma, but there will be at least one more big attraction. And it also comes from Fisker. It is the concept vehicle Fisker Karma S, presented below in this teaser picture.

What the picture teases is the presentation of a convertible version of Karma, already promised and quickly fullfilled. S stands for Sunset. And is there a better way to watch a sunset than inside a gorgeous car? Pay attention, in the picture, to the lack of a B column.

Karma S will also be a plug-in hybrid vehicle, although we prefer to name it an electric vehicle with extended range provided by a combustion engine. The powertrain comes from Q-Drive, a company that has developed it exclusively for Fisker. Besides the output, up to 408 bhp from its two electric engines, the car can also run 80 km only with the full charge of its batteries. When this charge starts to be depleted, a 260 bhp 2-litre turbo Ecotec engine starts to recharge the batteries back. Since the idea is to have minimal fuel use, it is still a mistery why Fisker decided to use such a powerful combustion engine for recharging, but we will surely get a reasonable explanation for that at the company's press conference, in January 12.

Source: Fisker

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