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Monday, 19 January 2009

Bewerp will present its Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS in Amsterdam

If a car was to be presented in April 1st, what would you think it is? A very ellaborate lie, for sure, but Emile Pop and Justin de Boer, the founders of the Netherland based company Bewerp, must not have had another way to present their first car in their country other than in this date. The new Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS will make its official world premiere at AutoRai, in Amsterdam, exactly in April Fool's Day.

Althought the car may not want to fool anyone, it will certainly blur some definitions. As an example, it aims to be a supercar, but it is a four-door coupe, what could make it be mistaken for a GT. It will also be a coupe cabriolet, or else, a hardtop convertible. The first series production four-door coupe to bring a retractable hardtop. Besides, as if it was not enough, all doors are scissor doors. The front ones open in the traditional way and the back doors are what we call suicide doors. They rise from the middle of the car to the back.

The engine this supercar will have is the same one used by Corvette Z06, a V8 LS7 equipped with a supercharger. It is possible that Bewerp decides to replace it with the LS9 engine, used by Corvette ZR1, but Bewerp may want to keep the output in 601 bhp at 6,200 rpm and 750 Nm at 4,800 rpm. Savage will be a rear-wheel drive car, with an automatic transmission.

The official presentation will probably take place on April Fool's Day (at least it is announced to happen in this date), but the real joke may be the presence of the car at Top Marques Monaco. Although it has also been informed that the car will be there, the official website of the event does not include Bewerp as one of its official exhibitors. Things may change in the next few days.

Source: Savage Rivale via Autoblog

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