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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Volvo reveals S60 Concept ahead of Detroit Auto Show presentation

In Novembre, Volvo has presented a glimpse of its new concept car, S60 Concept, a car that is itself a glimpse of the new Swedish mid-side sedan (or an almost finished version of it, let time tell us that). Detroit Auto Show is still some days ahead of us, but the company has already shown images of the car with no disguise at all, not even shadows covering it up.

As anyone can tell, the car looks much better than the current S60, already one of the most gorgeous cars Volvo has ever produced. Its profile, which resembles a coupe, is sleeker and, according to the Swedish car maker, its promises of a great handling are very true. No other current or past Volvo would ride as the S60 Concept, a legacy that shall pass on to the production series car.

There is no information on dimensions, so far, but Volvo has given out a lot of interesting data, such as the engine S60 Concept will use. It will be a 1.6-litre able to pump out 183 bhp due to its new technologies, called GTDi (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection), something similar to what Volkswagen calls FSI.

Besides this great small engine, S60 Concept will also feature another equipment Volkswagen also applies to its current vehicles, such as an automated dual-clutch manual transmission. While the German automaker calls its system DSG, Volvo will name its system Powershift.

Fuel consumption numbers are as good as 20 km/l and CO2 emissions are as low as 119 g/km. Not only due to S60 Concept's powertrain, but also to some other interesting solutions, such as a flat underbody panels, electric steering asssistance, Start/Stop system, grille shutter and lightweight materials.

Since safety has always been one of Volvo's major concerns, the company has seized S60 Concept to present a new safety feature for its cars, Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake and pedestrian detection. It helps avoid damages to cars and pedestrians by decreasing the energy involved in a crash in up to 75%. It is also able to fully stop the car if it is below 20 km/h and to completely avoid a crash if the difference between the two cars in motion is lower than 25 km/h.

Most of the new equipment presented by S60 Concept, such as the engine, will be available by the end of 2009. Only Collision Warning will be presented with the new sedan, which is expected to reach the market by 2010.

Source: Volvo

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