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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sbarro creates its own Ferrari V12, the Alcador II GTB

Sbarro has already presented us some unusual designs, such as the one for Assystem City Car, but the Italian designer, based on Switzerland, is also able to create some serious piece of supermachinery. The living proof of that is the Alcador II GTB.

Powered by a V12 Ferrari engine able to produce over 400 bhp, the car uses scissor-doors, similar to the ones used by Lamborghini, and resembles another supercar, but a British one, this time, the TVR, especially in what relates to its headlights.

As you can see in these Nicolas Chassot Yverdon's pictures, Alcador carries two people (the driver and someone else) and, as far as we know, it the only one of its kind. Considering it has been presented both in Geneva and in Essen, it may have enough people interested in buying an Alcador of their own. Let's wait and see.

Source: Sbarro/Nicolas Chassot Yverdon

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