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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Mitsubishi proposes a new way of driving with MMR25

Anyone who has ever seen a rally race and has enjoyed it would like to become a rally driver and learn how to make the car go sideways with absolute control. Well, according to Mitsubishi, by 2025 anyone will be able to drive like that, but only if behind the wheel (or any other control system) of MMR25.

This project, which has been created by Jon Hull for Mitsubishi in order to take part at this year's edition of LA Auto Show Design Challenge, would apply eight electric engines to each wheel. And wheel is only a way to express what really moves MMR25 ahead, something close to it, but not even remotely adequate. The eight engines compose the surface of this "wheel" and turn independently, allowing the car to move forward no matter in which direction the car nose points.

Besides the propulsion idea, MMR25 also uses Oblique Aerodynamics, or else, the car can move in any direction with the same properties it would have if moving forward. A centre wing adjusts to the directions the car takes. We just wonder how can it be driven with no windshield at all, but this should be no problem for cameras, if this is the idea.

Will MMR25 ever reach a rally race? We doubt it, but we would surely like to give it a try.

Source: LA Auto Show Design Challenge

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