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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Morgan Space, a design study that will never reach production (but should)

If you know what Morgan is, you must revere it (I do). After all, the company produces sportscar for over 100 years and still is at a top position when it comes to driving pleasure. Small, light and powerful cars. Even the style of the car is still the same, what does not prevent them to have long waiting lists (some may reach four years of awaiting). If you know the latest cars of the company, you may still like them, although the headlights of Aeromax are a little strabismic. They would be much more interesting if followed the Georgian designer Vladimer Kobakhidze's ideas. They are now known as Space.

Since it is only a design proposition, the car shall not reach production lines. If it did, it would still have the wood structure and the aluminium body that characterizes Morgan, but with the improved front end and a boattail rear end that distinguishes all the nicest classic cars in history. The engine would be the same BMW V8 that power the Aeromax. Indeed a car to run through our dreams.


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