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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Gordon Murray celebrates the first birthday of T.25

Gordon Murray is the creator of one of the most fantastic automobiles ever built, the McLaren F1. Although this car was all about performance, Murray loves cars and has proposed, exactly one year ago, an answer for nowadays concerns on transportation and carbon dioxide emissions. Called T.25, it is said to be revolutionary not only in design, but also in producing methods and rationality. Unfortunately, it celebrates its first birthday all covered up.

Presented beside two supermini icons of the past and the presents, Fiat 500 and Mini, T.25 is so small two of them can run side by side inside an UK lane. Three of them also fit a regular parking space in the UK, what saves a lot of space without eliminating cars, something that the World Car Free Day so eagerly intends to do.

Although small, T.25 will meet at least EuroNCAP four star standards, according to Gordon Murray Design, the company Murray has founded to carry on his projects. His new car promises to be cheap both to buy and to maintain, safe, modern and with a nice performance, since it will be very light and no big engine will be necessary to push it ahead. The car will be revealed next year, by Octobre. We hope to see it a little earlier than that.

Source: Gordon Murray Design via AutoBlog

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