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Sunday, 21 September 2008

K.O 8, the Japanese electric coupe, is about to get ready

The man that has created Ferrari Enzo will take a Lotus Elise platform to build a coupe that runs solely on electricity. Does this sound good to you? Well, it is all entirely true since Ken Okuyama decided he would create K.O 8, a car that is still in prototype stage, but can pretty soon reach its production-ready version.

This beautiful machine measures 3.70 m in lenght, 1.86 m in width and only 1.10 m in height. With its lithium-ion batteries, with a power of 18 kW, it can reach 160 km of range per charge. The three-phase electric engine reaches 100 kW, or about 136 bhp.

Prices are still not established, but they must be a little higher than the ones charged for the roadster K.O 7, already for sale in Japan for ¥19.5 million – about US$ 182,200. K.O 7 is a little shorter than K.0 8, at 3.64 m, and not as large, at 1.85 m, but both share the same height. Powered by a conventional Toyota engine, the new roadster has 240 bhp available to push it ahead. Since it weighs 750 kg, it is expected to perform as well as a Lotus Elise, but with a totally diffent appearance.

Source: Ken Okuyama Design via AutoCar

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